Customer Comments

Thank you so much for your amazing works! I played many times your amazing "Greensleeves" with my string quartet and we felt in love with it: now, it's time for some fun with "Tico Tico"! Greetings from Italy and Quartetto Arkimia

"Your arrangements are the backbone of our string quartet classical and popular repertoire. Audiences love them and we do too!" —Reneé Goubeaux, The Lake String Quartet

"Thank you for the beautifully-notated arrangements! As a second violin, I especially appreciate your part-writing. It's nice for the inner voices to actually have a voice." —Lisa Bollman

"I just wanted to peck out a thank you for the wonderful string arrangements. We were rehearsing last night, and played through several of your wedding arrangements. My eldest daughter (19 years, cello) said, 'Is Matt a string player? His string arrangements and bowings are perfect!' Your arrangements consistently rank among our favorites, and we’ve only just scratched the surface." —Loren Alldrin

"I bought your complete string quartet collection as a birthday gift to myself at the beginning of the year, and I couldn't be more pleased. I have had friends over to read quartets several times and we are consistently happy with the music you have arranged—and I've only scratched the surface. It's really hard to find good arrangements that sound good, are well-balanced (aren't 1st violin with accompaniment) and fun to play. Really enjoying your work and looking forward to making my way through the library." —Toby Loftus, Portland, OR

"Your arrangements sound compelling and unforgettably unique. Thanks a bunch!"—Martina Čalušić, Zagreb, Croatia

"My name is Ralitza and I live in South Africa. 7 years ago I bought from you arrangements for string quintet! It was one of my best purchases ever and now I'm sending you a short excerpt from Moldovanke played by our Gypsy Group. And if you have more arrangements similar to this can you please let share them with us so we can make them live here in South Africa :))!!" —Ralitza Cherneva

"After listening to more arrangements on your website, I couldn't help but buy all of them. Keep up the great work and I'm looking forward to playing through these with my quartet!" —Matt Mazzei

"Long, long ago, in a place far, far away…I was a member of a string quartet, and our second violinist had purchased your Latin album. Boy, did we enjoy your arrangements! My current quartet sight-read 3 tangos from my binders last week, and enjoyed them all." —Jordan Horwich

"I appreciate your great arrangements! I’ve used a couple of them the last couple of Christmases, and they’ve been well appreciated by the string players as well as the congregation." —Rob Styberski

"Thank you so much for all your fabulous arrangements over the years. My musicians and I have always agreed that the quality of your work has pulled us through years of otherwise dull gigs. We are greatly in your debt!" —Janie Spangler, Vanderbilt Strings

"Many thanks for your prompt delivery, and for your outstanding arrangements. There are none better, and I always look forward to seeing what is coming up next." —Karen Peters

"My name is Lara Sansón and I am a big fan of yours. I am a violinist and, the first time I learned about your arrangements was because my string quartet and I were embarking on a journey on board a Celebrity Cruise cruise ship, the Millennium, to work for 4 months. It was an amazing experience and, throughout the 4 months we played your arrangements. It was our violist who found you online and we bought the Complete Set of String Quartet Arrangements. In every port we had different people approach us to ask about the music we were playing. It was a success and we had a blast performing your arrangements. I have continued to play them back home, in Spain, in different weddings and venues, and they are always so well received, for it is not usual to find such good and rich arrangements for string quartet."

"Thank you so much, we are so excited to get your arrangements!! We played your tango arrangement at a music camp and we really liked it!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing your talents with the rest of the world!!!!" —Janice Lee

"Your arrangements are truly wonderful. I like a lot your new site. Keep up the good work!" —Konstantinos Demirtzoglou, Cyprus

"First I would like to say: thank you for your amazing string quartet arrangements!! I love your style, yesterday I listened all night all songs!" —András Sturcz, Sturcz Quartet, Budapest, Hungary

"It's a pleasure to perform arrangements geared more towards the professional musician vs. most arrangements available today. Once again thank you and we look forward to performing your arrangements." —George Macero, Clinton string quartet

"Thank you for making all these great arrangements! Some ten or more years ago, I played your arrangements with a quartet in Michigan, and I always loved them. And now with them done on Finale/Sibelius they're so much easier to read. So thank you, I'm looking forward to reading through them." —Jim Hannon

"We've never met but I feel you would be a great friend if we had. I agree—we string players got so fed up with all those student- type arrangements years ago. It was a Godsend when I discovered your work. I bought the full set about twenty years ago and find them so interesting and imaginative and perfect for string players…I hasten to add that I only mention these details so that you'll know that I am in a position to make a reasonable judgement as to the huge contribution you've made to the string community. All the very best to you Matt and my utmost admiration"—Ashley Arbuckle

"I love your arrangements, thanks for making quartet gigs so much more enjoyable. Your arrangements are very fun and very fine! I sometimes refer to you as Matthew "Naughty" because of your playful quotations from classical works. Very clever!! And good for a wink and a smile at a gig. Here's to a great wedding season!"—Tammie Dyer, Santa Rosa, CA

"Thank you for very good arrangements. Wishing you the best."—Igor Mishurisman, Rheingauer Streichquartett, Wiesbaden, Germany

"We LOVE playing them - they're so fun! :-)"—Rachel Shakespeare

"Matthew—I laughed out loud at your intro—‘After many years of playing bad gig arrangements ….’ Oh my YES!!! 'I decided to do it myself.' Amen to that. Your arrangements are beautiful. I’ll keep you bookmarked for future reference, Keep up the good work."—Bette Solomon, Los Angeles, CA

"Thank you so much for the time and talent you've put into these excellent arrangements."—Michael Lee, Mississauga Ontario, Canada

"Just to inform you that today we played your Somewhere Over the Rainbow and we enjoyed your wonderful arrangement. We are so happy and would like to thank you so much. You are really a great musician and we bow to you."—Yoram Alperin, Dafna String Quartet

"I was looking for string quartet arrangements on internet and then i found your website with your amazing work. You did a wonderful job with arrangements of great pieces."—Julien Patrice

"I can't tell you how thrilled I was to see that the Respighi Ancient Airs includes my favourite Bergamasca! You've done a brilliant job capturing the essence of the piece while keeping it eminently practical—thank you so much. I have an enduring bugbear about how poorly many arrangements are done—from stupid voicings/chords to lumpy unsympathetic handling of the material. And it annoys me even more when those arrangements are published AND cost a fortune. But yours are excellent and really add to the quality of our repertoire."—Nick Barnard, The Salieri Quartet

"Thanks so much—I am looking forward to having my very own best quartet arrangements ever! (Seriously—I worked my way through Juilliard with quartet playing, and your arrangements are genius)."—Aaron Janse

"It's a small world! I'm from Singapore—5 years ago the quartet I was playing in purchased your Latin album, and we enjoyed performing it immensely!"—Jeremy Chiew

"The digital parts look fabulous and are much easier to read than the manuscript. I can't tell you how tempting it is to order the digital parts for the complete set. They look absolutely great! My Mom originally heard about you from a friend in England. Consequently, we thought you were British. Here we were in Raleigh NC and couldn't find you. (I suspect this predated cyberspace)

I believe my mom said she ordered the manuscript parts from you when you were in Omaha way back when. (She's originally from Hastings). Small world. Anyway, we're grateful for all your hard work and want you to know you have a loyal fan club!!!"—Margaret Gariss

"I also wanted to let you know that my quartet and I have been playing your music for years, and it has added SO much to our repertoire. We really feel that we could not live without it. You are absolutely the best around!"—Mariana Szalaj

"Thank you so much! I've scoured the Internet for an arrangement of Wachet auf that I liked and none of them were as wonderful as yours. As a fellow musician, I thought it was more important to support a quality arranger, such as yourself rather than big name arrangers and publishing houses."—Jamie Williams

"I found your website on the Internet and it's really great! I'm searching for some nice arrangements for my string quartet. It's just as you say; you can never find playable and good scores. So I'm very happy with this!"—Esther de Bruijn, Violinist of the Radio Filharmonic Orchestra of the Netherlands

"Thanks for your time and talents! I've played through most of your gig books and they really blow everything else out of the water. Your arrangements are easily the best available and, by purchasing them, I'm confident that I will never need another set of all-purpose arrangements during my professional career."—Daniel Cortes

"Last night I was discussing string quartet arrangements for gigs with a cellist in Oslo and my attenton was brought to arrangments by you. I have been listening to some of the arrangements on your homepage and I am very much impressed. This is exactly what I was looking for. I wish to place an order for the digital complete set."—Johannes Hafsahl

"I should say, I recently ordered the Ragtime Album for my quartet and we have been having a lot of fun with those. Thank you so much—your arrangements are always so much fun."—Jessica DeBoer

"Our quartet played your arrangement of 'Vilia' today, I just want you to know that we thought it was so beautiful and interesting for all parts. In fact we were so pleased we all stopped and looked at each other and said 'Wow, this is SO good"."—Chris Wilcox, Arvenis Quartet

"We are performing many of these new works this week for two local gigs. They are wonderful!! Thank you again for making the world a better place. Our audiences are delighted and even thrilled to hear your brilliant arrangements."—Moriel

"I just want to thank you one more time for such wonderful work that you did with your arrangements. As of now I have used and performed quite a few of your arrangements and keep seeing others using your music. What a treat to have. You have a true gift of manipulating the melody and hearing the tunes."—Maxim Zheleznyak, Orchestra Director Zionsville High School

"I wanted you to know how much I enjoy and appreciate your arrangements for strings. I purchased the complete set 2 or 3 years ago and have performed several of the arrangements with the Up Close and Musical ensemble (UCAM). The musicians (all colleagues of mine in the Colorado Symphony) and the audience really loved the music. It is to your credit that you wrote "musically interesting" arrangements that are suitable for formal concerts, not just for "gigs." As an encore, we played "Tango por una Cabeza." I don't know if you've ever heard it with 21 strings (6, 5, 4, 4, 2), but it is wonderful. The musicians really loved playing it and the audience was thrilled."—Eric Bertoluzzi, Cellist

"Once again, your wonderful arrangements are making me look good, and my string quartet gig binders are the envy of all my colleagues who are stuck playing 'baby food' and other mediocre arrangements that put the violist in a coma. I just want to let you know that we lowly wedding musicians out in Cincinnati continually benefit from your work."—Kelley Hickey, Fontainebleau Strings

"My string ensemble has been performing a few of your arrangements in our Outreach and Education series where small groups are sent to elementary schools in Winnipeg and in several rural communities serviced by the Winnipeg Symphony. Thank you for your interesting arrangements and especially for giving the cellist something other than goose eggs to play."—Arlene Dahl

"I just had to write and tell you that I love your arrangements. They are so well done, have great markups and each player can shine. I am forming a quartet and we have some nice gigs booked. It will be great to have this nice repertoire to play."—Vonne Tarnavsky, Watford City, ND

"The music arrangements and the presentation of the albums looks wonderful. As a part-time orchestra librarian I am very impressed and appreciative of the level of detail and amount of work that has gone into creating these."—Kathryn O'Brien

"You really do an impressive piece of work on these—the viola parts are interesting (I note, as I play both vln and vla), and I think the arrangements show a deep awareness of the essential character of the music. The layout and detail (such as fully describing the harmonics so that there is no ambiguity in what is intended) make sight-reading as easy as it can be. So, I just want you to know that there are people out here who notice the difference between such work as yours and the run-of-the-mill mediocre-or-worse versions of these things! I will certainly recommend other musicians to your website."—Fran Berge

"I would let you know that we started rehearsal with my quintet, and we all are extremely satisfied with the quality of your arrangements, very well done Maestro!"—Egidio Eronico, Bagheria, Italy

"Your quartets are very impressive. My husband is a jazz guitarist and he was really impressed by the variety and comprehensiveness of your collection. I have always liked the thick texture-a quintet sounds like a small orchestra and you are kind to cellists and keep us from becoming comatose on whole note bass lines."—Lisa Vosdoganes

"Thank you very much for your quick sending of the files! We performed Amazing Grace yesterday at a wedding ceremony and people liked it a lot. I' m certainly going to order more of your music, because i think it is extremely well arranged!"—Isabelle Herold-Hardt, Luxembourg

"I just have to tell you how appreciative I am for your incredibly fine music arrangements, the excellent format, your speed of delivery, and the truly righteous pricing. It's a pleasure doing business with you."—Tim Mika

"I want wery much your scores. Thanks You very much for your work, with your arrangements many peaple in Romania will be more happy!"—Balint Gergely

"We finally got ourselves together yesterday and spent time reading through your music. We all had a great time with the pieces...the viola & cello parts throughout the contemporary works made the evening even more fun! Super arranging!!! Thanks for putting page turns in the right places, for good dynamic markings, slurs etc...and we loved the Tangos!"—Mary Page Block

"My husband and I just returned from a cruise on the Holland America's Oosterdam ship where we became enchanted by the string quartet performing your arrangements every evening. Their expertise in executing your arrangements was only matched by the beauty of the arrangements themselves. We had to come home and research just whom "Naughtin" was. Thank you for sharing your gift of arranging with us through the musicianship of these young performers. You made our cruise even more special than we expected."—Christina and Mark Hemphill, Camas, WA

"Our church choir hired a string quartet to accompany some music we were doing, and they played the most divine arrangement of Greensleeves I have ever heard. (It's probably my favorite Christmas carol). I asked them about the arrangement, got your name, found your website, and downloaded the recording on your site. It's now #1 on my Xmas Ipod playlist. Many thanks !!"—Jim Seidel

"I just want to tell you again how much the people in my Nob Hill String Ensembles have enjoyed playing your arrangements of the past 25 years. They are the absolute best!"—Teressa "Terry" Adams

"I'm in a few gigging quartets in the UK and just thought I'd let you know your arrangements are some of the best we play, always something interesting in them without being too clever. Great stuff, keep up the good work, you keep me sane at times! Now I've found your web site I'm sure I'll be buying a few. I thought you might like to know you're very popular!"—Sheila Holdsworth

"I am Laszlo Benedek, the Rumanian Hungarian violinist living in Peru, South America. I am really pleased with your arrangements, they sound wonderfully and people love it as well. I tell you in May I had the opportunity to play for 40 presidents of countries from Europe, South and Central America and they congratulated us. We had to repeat the Por una cabeza for the Argentinian President. Congratulations, You are an excellent musician."

"I just wanted to write to let you know that your quartet arrangements have become an indispensable part of our collection. They are beautifully written, well-chosen, interesting to play, extensive in number, and well, they just work. They were an incredible bargain and more than we had ever hoped for. They would be a great deal for twice that amount. You're simply the best!!"—Trent Reschny

"Got your Quartets in the mail Thursday, spent 2 hours playing through the parts after a 3 hour rehearsal. Tonight I had some friends over to read them. 3 hours later, we finally stopped to have a beer and a good laugh and how much fun your arrangements are to play. Thank You!"—Jim Ieda

"I just wanted to let you know that the entire first violin section of the London Philharmonic, as well as my friends who actually worked with him, LOVED your Bernstein arrangement! It was a true high point of the wedding ceremony for me and Kati, and I want to thank you from both of us!"—Dr. Stephen Cass

"I can't help but go back to your website to listen to the sound clips..they were great man!! My quartet is so excited to know that the scores are coming soon and can't wait to get our hands and bows on it! :) GREAT WORK Mr Naughtin."—Alvin Wan